ChessPieceQueen Diana
Kanji/Kana アシュリン (ashurin)
Rōmaji ashurin
Alias Ashley


2nd Circle of Lust

Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Female Femalesymbol
Height 173 cm
Weight 60 kg
Eye Color Dark blue
Hair Color Pink
Blood Type B
Rank Nine Circles

Diamond (Former)

Occupation 2nd Circle of Lust
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Life-Drain

Elemental Magic

Equipment Staff

Remora Amulet

Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Ashlyn is former Holy Knight who joined forces with Paragon's Phantom Legion. She is only female member in Nine Circle, representing 2nd Circle of Hell, "Lust". Her goal was in circles is to archive eternal life and youth. Due her magical abilities, she earned nickname "Ashlyn the Elementalist".


Ashlyn wears a black gown that just barely manages to cover her wholesome bust. At her waist she wears a metal belt with three chains descending from it. She wears gauntlets. Both her hands have long fingernails and she has three rings on her left hand and two on her right. On each wrist, she wears a thick bracelet. She wears a choker (Remora) and one or two elaborate necklaces. Her seductive eyes look out over a black mask that covers the bottom of her face. She has long pink hair with a shell like hair ornament on the left.

While on disguise, she wears maid outfit.


Ashlyn is initially sinister, selfish, and uninterested in anything as long as those of a lower rank can do her bidding without fail. She hates failures, and is usually first one mocking other Circles when they fail in mission.

While in civilian form, she more brighter and gentler to lower her targets guard.






Ability born from Ashlyn's desire to live forever. While it is not exactly immortality, Ashlyn can drain the life force and magical power of people by physical contact. Sanguine often calls her "Vampire Who Does Not Fear the Sun" because of this. She can also draw latent magical power from her surroundings with this ability, which empowers her skills as a magician immensely. As this ability requires physical contact, while not in her disguise she has habit of not wearing shoes, to draw power directly from earth.


Ashlyn is more than skilled sorcerer, and is even more skilled than her fellow circle, Seigrim.


Ashlyn is capable open portals to different locations, using these gateways in both offensive and defensive purposes.

Elemental Magic

Ashlyn has control over six different elemental magics; Ice, Lightning, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth, and can even create elementals with her magic. She however has revealed that she especially enjoys using Wind.



Sacred Treasure


Magical Amulet which belongs to Ashlyn.

Power Level

  • Magic: 3500
  • Strength: 100
  • Spirit: 1500
  • Total: 5100