Kanji/Kana アーシルボス
Rōmaji aashirubos
Alias Demon of the Woods
Biographical Information
Age +3000
Race Demon
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 250 cm while at Main Body
Weight 350 kg
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Dark Grey
Blood Type
Rank Guardian
Occupation Guardian
Affiliation Phantom Legion
Abilities Creation
Equipment Ladon (Staff)
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Arsylvos is member of the Demon Clan who allied with Phantom Legion. While he is not member of the Circles, his powers rival theirs. He serves as guardian of the Paragon's Castle.



It is unknown so far what Aryslvos' real form looks like, though it is suspected that he would be member of the Giant Clan, based on fact he can use Creation.

"Golem" he usually uses in fighting takes form of a massive Satyr with black and red thorny wings and arms, red glowing eyes, and pair of massive horns. Golem is made from stone and plants, and is combination of his Creation and Corruption's powers.

Abilities and Powers


Corruption: Arsylvos is able to corrupt living plants and beasts with his magic, driving them insane and make them serve under his command.

Creation : Arsylvos is capable of manipulating earth itself. In his case, he forms trees of stone, with either razor sharp onyx or ruby leaves.

  • Burning Ruby Leaves : Ruby Leaf's used by Arsylvos have properties of flame, and explode on contact.
  • Corrupting Onyx Leaves : Onyx Leaves are razor sharp, and are used to spread Corruption to living things.
  • Golem : Body Arsylvos uses is made from plants and earth, and is really slow in movements, but durable.


Ladon : Enchanted, Wooden staff with dragon-head shaped ornaments. Staff is alive, and Arsylvos can combine his Corruption and Creation with it, allowing him to transform staff into dragon.

Power Level

  • Magic: 6000
  • Strength: 2500
  • Spirit: 4000
  • Total: 12500

Image Gallery


  • Based on Satyr Xavius