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Kanji/Kana 降り光 (アロー)
Rōmaji Furikō (Arō)
Classification Offensive
User(s) Vortimer
Weapon Yewfelle
Storm Arrow • Crimson Arrow • Feather Arrow
Media Debut


Arrow降り光 (アロー)Furikō (Arō); Japanese for "Raining Light"」 is the ability of the Holy Knight Vortimer from Camelot.


Arrow is an ability primarily geared for offensive purposes. It enables Vortimer to make use of his own power to create projectiles of light that may range from anywhere between a large spear of light to small arrows. While not needing any actual weapon to do so, Vortimer regularly makes use of Yewfelle in order to help with the stabilization of these arrows in order for rapid-firing abilities. Due to being made out of his own power, the number of arrows he can fire in one moment and the stock of his arrows are completely dependent on his level of power at any time — influenced by his physical and mental condition. Nevertheless, the ability has several applications, including the ability to fight at both long and close-range, along with the ability to create weapons with different luminescent and/or even cauterizing properties to further disadvantage opponents in the midst of combat.


  • Storm Arrow降り光の魔風 (ストームアロー)Furikō no Makaze (Sutōmu Arō); Japanese for "Raining Light's Evil Wind"」
  • Crimson Arrow降り光の紅蓮 (クリムゾンアロー)Furikō no Guren (Kurimizon Arō); Japanese for "Raining Light's Crimson Lotus Flower"」
  • Feather Arrow降り光の羽衣 (フェザアロー)Furikō no Hagoromo (Feza Arō); Japanese for "Raining Light's Robe of Feathers"」