"I have no taste for power, only knowledge. That was my naivety speaking. I found out, through trial and error, that knowledge can only bring about more power. I know how magic works, how it "ticks". I know how to turn a simple healing spell into a vicious murder weapon, but I know how to turn an offensive spell into a harmless and protective barrier. Do you see? This is the power that has branded me as "forbidden". They believe I bring about disorder, that it can only tear the world's balance apart, and to that I say...I will not do so, nor can I."
—Alvos expressing the fruits of his research, as well as his views on his status as a "Forbidden Mage" to Elysia
Kanji/Kana アルボス
Rōmaji Arubosu
Alias Forbidden Mage (禁魔道士, Kinmadōshi)
Biographical Information
Age 42
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Eye Color White
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Relationships Elysia (Wife)
Occupation Magvel Alliance Combatant
Affiliation Magvel Alliance
Abilities Inversion
Equipment Grimoire
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
Alvos (アルボス, Arubosu) is a magic user of extraodinary knowledge and power, that branded him as a Forbidden Mage (禁魔道士, Kinmadōshi), essentially a mage who can't and shouldn't exist. He has indulged himself into endless readings and research onto magic itself, desiring to unlock all of its secrets and more, with no taste for power in mind. However, it backfired terribly due to him being viewed as a dangerous existence as a direct result of the power he inadvertly gained from his studies.

He later became a member of the Magvel Alliance, which granted him safety from being sought after due to being a Forbidden Mage, where he can freely continue to indulge himself in readings of magic, with the single condition that if he goes "rogue", the entire alliance would work to hunt him down. At some point, Alvos also married Elysia, a witch and fellow magic user, who shows identical, yet still differing looks on magic.



Alvos' full appearance



Powers & AbilitieEdit


  • Due to his obsession and decades of research on magic, Alvos has little to no social skills and also lacking common sense; best seen when he initially proposed to Elysia with the intent of monopolizing his time with her, due to desiring a partner in his magic research.

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