Kanji/Kana アルゴル
Rōmaji Arugoru
Classification Enchanted Chakram
User(s) Fantom
Media Debut


Algol is weapon used by the member of the Nine Circle of Phantom Legion, Fantom.


In it's original form, Algol is massive chackram, with golden ornaments and three metal blades. However since it can shapeshift, it has many variations in size and design. When not using it, Algol is usually kept on Fantom's wrist as a bracelet.





Enchanted Phantom : Algol makes it easier for Fantom to create multiple astral beings at once.

  • Hunting Wolf : Fantom throws Algol at his opponents after he has three of this phantoms to surround it's blades. Wolf's guide Algol's blade and return it then to owner. When someone tries to grab Algol, two of wolf's attack, and third one returns Algol to Fantom.

Enchanted Switch : Algol is capable of storing souls inside of it, including Fantom's own soul when needed.

  • Soul Hunter : By touching his enemy with Algol, either by them grabbing it, getting it stuck on their body from it's blades or just being in physical contact with it while Fantom holds weapon, Algol can store their souls inside Algol. However, this takes from five to ten secounds to work, depending person.

Shapeshifting : Fantom has demonstrated that Algol can change its appereance and size via magic rather easily, making handling it as weapon easy.


  • Weapon is Tira's weapon skin from SCV, "Buer".