Kanji/Kana 吸収
Rōmaji Kyūshū
Classification Absorption
User(s) Crocell
Media Debut


Absorption is ability of Demon Crocell.

Description Edit

Absorption is power that allows Crocell to absorb other living organisms to himself, increasing his own power. It takes 24 hours to Absorbption finish completely, and prey can be freed during that time by making Crocell lose his conciousness. In rare cases, Crocell gains powers of targets he has devoured.

Techniques Edit

  • Devourer : By grabbing target, Crocell starts surrounds his target with his own flesh, coming from his arm, eventually surrounding target and absorbing this. Process takes 3 minutes and can be interrupted.
  • Power Draw : Crocell draws powers of one of his absorbed ones and uses it as his own. He is known to use Illusion this way.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

Based on Naraku's absorvation in Inuyasha.

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