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Absolute Assimilation
Kanji/Kana 絶対的な同化 (アブソールト ・ アスィマレイシャン)
Rōmaji Zettai-tekina Dōka (Abusoryūto Asimareishan)
Classification Absorption
User(s) Caelia
Weapon Clarent
Media Debut


Absolute Assimilation絶対的な同化 (アブソールト ・ アスィマレイシャン)Zettai-tekina Dōka (Abusoryūto Asimareishan)」 is an absorption power, which is utilized by by the Unicorn's Virtue of Patience, Caelia.


Absolute Assimilation allows Caelia to absorb nearly anything she may desire. The most common usage of this power, is Caelia absorbing attacks directed toward her, which can range from physical, to elemental, to magical, which is then assimilated into her person, amplify her own power as an initial result. As they are assimilated into her, she can also utilize whatever she chooses to absorb in various fashions, sending them back at the foe, amplified by her own power. Though powerful, Absolute Assimilation is not constantly in effect, as such, it's user can be caught off guard if not careful. Another weakness, is that the user of this ability cannot absorb "organic" things, such as plants, or humans, making ordinary unarmed attacks, such as punches, highly useful against the user.



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