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Kanji/Kana アブラハム
Rōmaji Aburahamu
Biographical Information
Age 30
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Male Malesymbol
Height 5'8"
Weight 170lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type O+
Rank Holy Knight
Arch Mage
Relationships Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Occupation Magvel Alliance's Archmage
Affiliation Lincoln
Magvel Alliance
Abilities Avatar
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast
"Holy Mage."
Mr. Draco

Abraham「アブラハム Aburahamu

Appearance Edit

GS Full

Abraham's full appearance.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities & Powers Edit

Physical Prowess Edit

Weapons Edit

Abilities Edit

Avatar「アバター Abatā」:

Power Level Edit

Relationships Edit

Battles & Events Edit

  • Abraham vs. Siegfried — Interrupted

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is based off of God Serena from the Fairy Tail Series.

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