Kanji/Kana アベル
Rōmaji Aberu
Alias Boo
Biographical Information
Age 23
Race Human
Biological Description
Gender Female Femalesymbol
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Silver
Blood Type
Occupation Thief
Affiliation The 4 Creatures of the Night
Abilities Banshee
Sacred Treasure
Symbol of Beast

Abel (アベル, Aberu) is a young thief, also known as Ghost (ゴースト, Gōsuto) or Boo (ボー, ) and the youngest member of the 4 Creatures of the Night.


Abel is a young beautiful woman with a long silver hair and a mole under her left eye.


Abel is very cheerful and intelligent. Growing as an orphan, she is trying to shake of her past, wanting to gain wealth and a happy life.


Growing as an orphan, she didn't had any friends and had to steal in order to live. As she was growing, she became better at stealing, helping other kids like her and trying to escape the life she had.


As a human, Abel doesn't have much differently physical strength from the other humans, but she is master of disguise, infiltration and information gathering. Her power Banshee, further increases her abilities in infiltration and information gathering, giving her the nickname Ghost for her stealthy infiltration or thieving.


Her Banshee power gives Abel a sonic voice, which she can use for variety of ways.

Banshee ScreamEdit

A sonic scream that is capable of stunning & knocking enemies or destroying objects.


Creating a low tone scream, she can turn "invisible" to her enemies, as the sound she creates makes them hypnotized and thinking she is not there. A deaf enemy or one with obscured hearing, will be able to see her.


Creating a specific sound, she can re-arrange the molecules of a solid object and her body and to pass through a solid object, thus capable of passing through walls, hiding in the ground.


Attacking the enemies brain with a specific scream, she can order him speak the truth when she interrogate him or even temporary hypnotize him to obey her.


  • Character image is Elimona from Defense Devil series.


The 4 Creatures of the Night
EttoreP DravenP AbelP LorcanP
Ettore Draven Abel Lorcan

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